David Pacifico

   A Kind Lady (Music & Lyrics by David Jacks) 

© Copyright 2005 by David Jacks.  All rights reserved. BMI



A kind lady called me
On the phone to say,
Just how much she wanted
To hear my voice the other day.

Itís hard to imagine
How anything that small,
Could mean anything
To anybody at all

But I know this kind lady well,
She really makes me laugh,
She can turn my insides out with joy,
And IĎve known this kind lady,
For really quite a while,
She says that sheís proud of her boy.

So, Iíll call the kind lady
And say
Once again I love her,
And wish her happy motherís day.




Recorded in
Claremont, California
Acoustic Yamaha & Electric Gibson & Bass Guitars: David Jacks
Synthesized Strings, Keyboards & Percussions: David Jacks
Vocals:  David Jacks
Produced by:  David Jacks

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