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   Lost in Texas (Music & Lyrics by David Jacks) 

© Copyright March 2003 by David Jacks.  All rights reserved. BMI


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You’ll swear, ‘I’m out of here,’
And then you linger for another beer,
And the kindest faces will insist that they order,
And you tell ‘em how soon you’ll be gone,
And before this night is done,
You’ll be ever closer to the border,
But when you get out on the road,
There's something that no map can show,

That you’re lost in Texas,
Yes, you’re lost in Texas,
You’re lost in Texas for life.

I’m a man who must make plans,
I’m a man who takes his stand,
And who can not put things off until the morrow,
Still in my life I’ve seen,
That success don’t mean a thing,
If you’re lonely and if your heart is filled with sorrow,
So when she whispers she’d love to dance,
You know right then you’ve blown your last chance,

And you’ll be lost in Texas,
Yes, you'll be lost in Texas,
Lost in Texas for life.

From Galveston’s pampas reeds,
Abilene’s tumble weeds,
To the Panhandle’s sweetness that needs no explainin’,
And from El Paso, so forlorn,
To the Corpus Christi shore,
To the Hill Country where it’s gently rainin’,
If you look up at the big, blue sky,
You will smile and then you’ll sigh,

‘Cause your lost in Texas,
Lost in Texas,
Lost in Texas for life.

And if you look up at that big, blue sky,
You will smile and then you’ll sigh,
It’s good to be lost in Texas,
To be lost in Texas,
Lost in Texas for life.




Acoustic, Bass & Electric Guitars: David Jacks
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Jacks
Vocals: David Jacks
Produced by: David Jacks

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